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Mission & Vission

Brackett Elementary Vision Statement

The Brackett Elementary School community develops confident, caring,
resilient, and responsible students who strive to achieve their personal best.
The Brackett School community provides a safe, welcoming, and supportive
learning environment with high expectations where everyone feels a sense of
belonging, strong, healthy relationships are cultivated, and achievements of all
kinds are celebrated.

Brackett Elementary Mission Statement
The Brackett School believes that academic and social-emotional learning are equally
important and interconnected to each other. Our learning community provides meaningful and
engaging instruction because we actively and deliberately work to invest students in their
learning. We cultivate a sense of belonging, growth and joy that empowers students to achieve
their maximum potential and to be their best selves both academically and personally. We
work to strengthen healthy relationships, partner with families, and instill in students to find joy
in learning, share their voices and contribute to the the Arlington community.